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Heating for reception facilities for refugees

Year: 2015 / 2016
Series: NTN • ENERGY
Total Power: 1.350 kW
  • Heating of air supported stuctures each of 2000 m2, equipped for housing and hosting of refugees.
  • Heating with warm water of district heating or with diesel oil.
  • Very low noise level and absolutly safe operation.
  • Outdoor temperature down to −20°C.
  • 3 air handling units ENERGY and NTN series, with:
    > Inverter to control air flow rate and indoor pressure
    > Pressure, wind and snow sensors
    > Motorized air intake damper
    > Absorption silencers
    > Emergency unit with diesel engine.
  • Quiet and comfortable environment at temperature of +22°C, sound pressure level < 40 dB(A).
  • Fully automatic regulation with adjustment of the internal pressure of the structure in case of wind or snow.
  • Automatic activation of the emergency unit in case of pressure drop.
Heating for reception facilities for refugees Austria