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Tecnoclima has an experience of over 40 years in the field of air heating and cooling. This experience, combined with the appropriate business strategy for export, internationalization and diversification, is the key factor that explains the growing excellence of the company.


Tecnoclima designs and constructs equipment that has been certified by the most prestigious testing boards. The quality of the widest product range of the sector is assured by the careful selection of materials, stringent operational testing of each unit produced, by following the procedures stated in the company's quality manual, and numerous international certifications.
Over 300 models have been designed for heating and air conditioning of the spaces in industrial, commercial, agricultural, livestock, sport and residential sectors, as well as for emergency use and for the heating of churches.

The projects of particular importance are: the air conditioning system realized at the Ferrari establishment Scaglietti in Modena consisting of single-packaged air handling units Roof top; the facilities developed for Siemens factory in Germany; the units supplied for heating and air conditioning system in one of the most important shop center of Italy in Barberino del Mugello; the equipment for the heating of diamonds mines in Yakutia, Siberia and of gold mines in Chukotka. In 2017 Tecnoclima has signed an important agreement with the leading company of Russia oil industry, Rosneft, for the supply of the systems to heat their sites of oil extraction in the areas with particularly cold climate (temperatures down to -60°C).

In the field of agriculture the most important projects are the supply of the heating system for the most extended greenhouses complex in Mexico for tomato intensive production, and the supply of several thousands of warm air heaters for the heating of vast greenhouses complex in Egypt.


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tecnoclima storia di successo

History of a success

Tecnoclima S.p.A was founded and is now situated in the province of Trento, in 1973 by Alfonso Vescovi, an expert in the heating and air conditioning fields. The company is specialized in producing equipment for warm air heating, ventilation, hot air-drying and heat recovery, as well as units for air treatment and air conditioning.
Nowadays the company extends over a surface area of 50,000 square meters and its core business is very specific field of air heating, ventilation and conditioning. Furthermore, with a special direct exchange technology (DRY) Tecnoclima dominates the technological, production and sales aspects of its sector.

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tecnoclima® keeps its leading position in the specific air treatment field also operating through its direct subsidiaries.

Tecnoclima Group Energia


TC Group Energia

Founded in 2011, Russian branch company of tecnoclima® has allowed a significant increase in turnover in Russia, thanks to the expertise of the highly qualified technical and commercial staff and thanks to the accurate supervision of the vast territory of the Russian Federation where Tecnoclima products find a lot of opportunities of be applied in extreme climatic conditions.

Tecnoclima Emat



Consolidated French brand, leader in the specific field of the warm air heating, the company has its headquarters near Lyon and works through a qualified sales network on the whole territory of France.