Tecnoclima Dry System
Dry System Tecnoclima
Dry System
Tecnoclima® Dry System

The system that transfers energy directly to the ambient 

to be air-conditioned

Unlike the traditional air heating and air cooling via an intermediate fluid (WET), using water as vector fluid, the innovative direct exchange air treatment technology (DRY) allows for a significant improvment of the overall efficiency of the system.

The most important feature of this system is that the produced heat is directly and immediately transferred to the room to be heated, thus skipping the inefficient transformation stages, typical for the systems using water.

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Energy saving and low operating costs

The direct exchange (DRY) technology makes it possible to cut the time required to reach and obtain the steady conditions inside the room to be heated, ensuring a better global efficiency of the system and consequently, a significant energy saving and a reduction of the amount of noxious emissions.

In fact, compared to a traditional system that uses water, there is no need for preheating or precooling of the fluid in advance, and there is no loss during the distribution of energy, thus the Dry technology is much more efficient and more cost-effective because no boiler station, pumps, valves, storage tank are necessary.


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Heating and air conditioning

As for the heating so for the air conditioning, the peculiarity of the direct exchange technology (DRY) is that it transfers the energy directly to the room with no loss, reaching the highest efficiency. Products using the DRY technology are autonomous and independent and permit heating or air conditioning of environments with total flexibility in energy utilization. As a result, DRY technology assures the best result in terms of global efficiency.

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Special features


  • Absence of thermal inertia.
  • Fuel consumption reduced to the minimum.
  • Fast starting-up which makes the appliances efficient and perfectly suited as for continuous use so for occasional use, in contrast to the water/steam heating systems which, due to the thermal inertia, take a long time to reach the required temperature consuming a lot of energy and fuel.
  • The possibility of external air intake (up to 100%).
  • Modulation of heating capacity for ambient temperature control just-in-time.
  • Possibility of operation in ventilation-only mode.
  • Possibility of installing of the filters.
  • Air treatment system that ensures the fast achievement of environmental comfort with the maintenance of the optimum temperature regardless of the external climatic conditions.
  • Low stratification of the air, less than 0.3 °C per metre (ideal micro-climate).
  • Autonomous packaged units.
  • Indoor or outdoor installation.
  • The possibility of simple and convenient transformation of the system in case of enlargement of the area to be treated.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly in case of necessity to move the air treatment system.
  • The absence of boiler station, which affects the cost of the system.
  • Condensing heating and air conditioning appliances.
  • Thermal efficiency that exceeds 100%.
  • The absence of intermediate fluid (water / steam).
  • The performance of the whole system is equal to the efficiency of the appliance as there are no thermal inertia and heat losses typical for conventional water/steam systems.
  • Economy, durability, fast starting-up.
  • Avoids the risk of freezing of the system.
  • Management through a microprocessor system that controls multiple regimes of operation.
  • Low energy and electric consumption thanks to the optimization of the regimes of operation.
  • Robust and well-isolated outer casing.
  • Minimal dispersions.
  • Easy access to all components of the system.
  • Ease of maintenance and reduced costs.


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Cooling mode


Heating mode




Heating mode


Heating mode

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