AGRI-DF for heating industrial vegetable greenhouses

  • Year: 2017 / 2018
  • Series: AGRI-DF
  • Total Power: 761.500 kW 
  • Heating of industrial greenhouses for intensive vegetables cultivation.
  • Diesel oil fuel.
  • Air diffusion: down-flow by air ducts and sleeves.
  • Simple, convenient and reliable heating solution.
Plant solution
  • High efficiency warm air heaters AGRI-DF series complete with load-bearing two way air diffusion outlet for easy principal air ducts connection.
  • High performance axial electrical fan suitable for air diffusion by air ducts and channels.
  • Decentralized heating with possibility of temperature control by zones. 
  • Air distribution through polyethylene perforated sleeves placed along the rows.
  • Targeted and capillary crop heating  from the bottom only where needed and at the moment of actual need, with no fuel or energy waste.
  • Direct “down-flow” crop heating increases the growth intensity and cultivations development, promoting more frequent cultivation cycles.
  • Possibility of heating by zones with different temperatures.
  • Air stratification decrease and very low thermal inertia.
  • Lower installation and operation costs compared to traditional water heating systems.