AGRI wheeled warm air heater for drying nuts

  • Year: 2016
  • Series: AGRI
  • Total Power: 1.200 kW 
  • Nut drying process.
  • BIO production that requires moderately warm air, absolutely clean and not contaminated by combustion fumes.
  • Heating by mobile oil units installed outside.
  • Diffusion of high pressure air in special drying towers.
Plant solution
  • 8 mobile wheeled warm air heaters AGRI-C series, each dedicated to a drying tower.
  • Heat exchanger entirely made of stainless steel, with perfect watertightness.
  • Circular connection for the connection of a flexible hose, which brings the hot air to the suction mouth of a high-head industrial centrifugal fan.
  • Two-stage methane gas burner.
  • Perfect suitability for the BIO food process.
  • Flexible and modular plant, which can be dismantled after the harvesting and treatment season.
  • Effective control of the process temperature thanks to the two-stage adjustment.
  • Simple and economical installation.