Poultry Farm

AQUACIKKI water heater for heating poultry farms

  • Year: 2015
  • Series: AQUACIKKI
  • Total Power: 3.000 kW
  • Heating of poultry farms with water heaters.
  • Dusty and aggressive conditions.
  • Need for washing with water at the end of each production cycle.
Plant solution
  • 90 water air heaters AQUACIKKI series.
  • Water-air coil with epoxy powder coating and extra-spaced fins.
  • Fan with electrical protection IP 66 suitable for temperatures up to +80°C.
  • Fan is placed on hinges enabling it to be turned for easy cleaning operations.
  • High resistance at corrosion.
  • Washable with water cleaner.
  • Coil and fan easy to clean.
  • Efficient air distribution.