Pig Farms

AQUAPIGGY water heater for heating pig farms

  • Year: 2014 / 2016
  • Series: AQUAPIGGY
  • Total Power: 5.000 kW 
  • Heating of pigs farms with water-to-air heaters.
  • Withstand to swine aggressive environment.
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
Plant solution
  • Supply of 200 water-to-air heaters Aquapiggy 25.
  • Ceiling installation with 360° air diffuser.
  • High efficiency axial fan with propeller in plastic material.
  • Coil heat exchanger with cataphoresis anti-corrosion coating with extra spaced fins.
  • Casing in stainless steel with opening panels.
  • Heating with clean hot air.
  • Corrosion proof.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • Very easy access for cleaning.