CF-CM/P roof-top for the KAUNAS shopping centre

  • Year: 2015
  • Series: CF-CM/P
  • Total Power: 155 kW
  • Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and heat recovery.
  • Different areas with different requirements of temperature and air renewal.
Plant solution
  • 2 autonomous packaged roof-top units CF-CM/P series.
  • Heating with heat pump and with modulating gas burner in condensing mode.
  • Cooling with direct expansion, scroll compressors on independent refrigerant circuits.
  • Heat recovery module with return and exhaust fan. 
  • Indipendent unit dedicated to the conditioning of different rooms with different temperature and ventilation requirements. 
  • High energy efficiency thanks to different and integrated technologies: condensing gas heater, heat pump and heat recovery.