Commercial room air conditioning

  • Year: 2017
  • Series: SMARTBOXY
  • Total Power: 285 kW
  • Winter and summer air conditioning of a DIY store.
  • Ventilation with heat recovery of exhaust air.
  • Maximum energy efficiency.
  • Control of the air quality.
Plant solution
  • 3 autonomous roof-top units of SMARTBOXY series with a heat pump of very high efficiency.
  • Integrated heating with hot water coil.
  • Variation of external air flow in function of the quality of the indoor air ; thermal and thermodynamic heat recovery between exhaust air and fresh air.
  • Free-cooling.
  • Automatic management of heating and cooling energy and of the ventilation according to actual needs.
  • Energy and operating costs saving.
  • High air quality and a high environmental comfort.
  • Monoblock units, easy installation.
  • Reduced environmental impact.