ENERGY warm air heater for DK HOLDING factory

  • Year: 2011
  • Series: ENERGY
  • Total Power: 5.000 kW
  • Continuous forced ventilation with pre-heated air to balance the air extracted by aspiration systems in the site where the galvanization of the coins takes place with extremely harmful production process.
  • Units for outdoor installation.
  • Treatment of 100% fresh air at −40°C. 
  • Continuous cycle operation h24.
Plant solution
  • 6 condensing warm air heaters ENERGY series.
  • Low temperatures kit for −40°C.
  • Modulating heating capacity and air flow rate.
  • Constant air flow temperature.
  • Automatic variable regulation of the air flow rate according to the pressure of the room and to the quantity of the extracted air.
  • Elimination of leaks and cold air flows with efficient system of fresh air preheating.
  • No risk of frost thanks to direct exchange without water. 
  • Compliance with the very strict requirements of the Russian certification system.