Factory heating

  • Year: 2016
  • Series: UT/K
  • Total Power: 2.500 kW
  • Winter heating of a manufacturing plant with variable air renewal, filtering, and free-cooling in the summer.
  • Outdoor installation on the ground, next to the wall.
  • Limited overall dimensions.
  • Reduced operating costs and cost of the system itself.
Plant solution
  • 4 air mixing modules, composed of 3 motorized dampers and fan group for return and exhaust air.
  • 4 horizontal condensing warm air heaters of ENERGY series, to be installed over the modules.
  • Air filters of class G4.
  • Electrical board complete with controls for the double-stage burner and for the management of motorized dampers.
  • The appliances installed outside of the building; no need for a dedicated room and no  production spaces occupied inside the plant.
  • Compact system.
  • High thermal comfort and air quality as in the winter so in the summer with reasonable cost.
  • Easy accessibility for periodic maintenance.