Heating of the commercial site with PMX

  • Year: 2017
  • Series: PMX
  • Total Power: 60 kW
  • Heating of commercial space consisting of 2 rooms.
  • Reduced cost of installation and operating.
  • No floor space occupied, silent operation.
  • Sealed combustion.
Plant solution
  • Suspended condensing gas warm air heaters of PMX c.
  • Programmable  temperature control  in each room.
  • Air diffuser with adjustable horizontal and vertical fins.
  • Sealed combustion with separated flue exhaust and combustion air intake.
  • Efficient, quick, quiet heating, active only during the commercial site opening hours.
  • Possibility of individual operating schedule and ambient temperature setting for each room.
  • Consumption of natural gas and electric energy is extremely reduced.
  • Heating system realized with minimum investment.