Sport Facilities

Heating for sports facilities (TENSILE STRUCTURES)

  • Year: 2016
  • Series: NTN
  • Total Power: 320 kW
  • Heating of tensile structures for tennis courts.
  • Operation with hot water from the district heating.
  • Packaged units for outdoor installation, designed for connection to flexible ducts.
  • Reduced electrical power consumption, and silent operation.
Plant solution
  • Two compact monoblock air handling units of NTN Series for outdoor installation, with water-to-air heat exchanger.
  • Circular fittings for air supply and air return placed side-by-side
  • Temperature control with programmable room thermostat and modulating three-way valve.
  • Fan of the large size and low rpm, driven by a high-efficiency electric motor.
  • Minimum space requirements and perfect integration with the tensile structure.
  • Comfort and reduction of operating costs thanks to the efficient thermal regulation.
  • Extremely silent unit characterized by reduced power consumption.