The process of drying wood products with ENERGY

  • Year: 2016
  • Series: ENERGY
  • Total Power: 270 kW
  • The process of paint drying at low temperature on wood products for the furniture industry.
  • Operation with 100% fresh air and variable air flow rate.
  • Effective air filtering.
  • Precise control of the air temperature.
  • Installation above the drying cabin.
Plant solution
  • Horizontal warm air heaters of ENERGY Series.
  • Ventilation group controlled with inverter.
  • Modulating burner with temperature probe at the air supply.
  • Special filters G4 and F7.
  • Customized electric board for the supervision of the process.
  • Production of clean warm air with temperature control for a better quality of painting.
  • Size and shape suitable for the space available.
  • Flexible unit with thermal and air-flow performance that can be modified in relation to the quantity and the type of material to be treated.