Roof-top CF-GAS for Carousel of Light Bookstore

  • Year: 2015
  • Series: CF-GAS
  • Total Power: 150 kW
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation.
  • New bookstore on 6 floors in a prestigious nineteenth century building recently renovated.
  • Roof top solution for limited installation spaces.
Plant solution
  • 2 packaged autonomous roof top units CF-GAS series. 
  • Gas heating with three-stages atmospheric burners.
  • Cooling with direct expansion of gas R407C scroll compressors on independent refrigerant circuits.
  • Motorized dampers for partial fresh air intake.
  • Autonomous roof top units.
  • The system only requires electrical power and gas, without central heating, cooling and hydraulic installations.
  • Heating, cooling, ventilation, filtration.
  • High comfort achieved within the building in all seasons.