Roof-top CF-GAS for DIAMOND shopping centre

  • Year: 2015
  • Series: CF-GAS
  • Total Power: 3.500 kW
  • Heating, air conditioning, ventilation and heat recovery. 
  • Different areas (shops, cinemas, restaurants) with different requirements of temperatures and air renewal. 
  • Compliance with the strict local norms in terms of gas safety systems. 
Plant solution
  • 18 autonomous packaged roof-top units CF-GAS series.
  • Condensing heating with modulating burner. 
  • Cooling with direct expansion of gas R407C.
  • Mixing chamber with 3 motorized dampers with return and exhaust fan.
  • Heat recovery with cross-flow heat exchanger.
  • Defrosting function and free-cooling.
  • Building Management System for centralized remote control of all functions with Modbus protocol.
  • Units designed for working down to −30°C.
  • High energy efficiency with condensation, heat recovery and free-cooling.
  • Compliance with the very strict requirements of the Custom Union certification system EAC.