Poultry Farm

SUPERCIKKI for heating poultry farms

  • Heating of poultry farms with direct gas fired heaters.
  • Outdoor installation.
  • Low maintenance.
Plant solution
  • 15 warm air heaters model Supercikki 80.
  • Heating capacity of each heater 80 kW.
  • Long isolated outlet extension to allow the installation of the unit at a minimum distance of 60 cm from the wall.
  • Warm air heaters, combustion and gas pipes outdoor.
  • No space occupied inside the farm.
  • Working with fresh air with reduced production of CO2 and steam.
  • Maximum safety thanks to the outdoor installation.
  • The possibility to install in case of the walls with features of fire-resistance less than REI 30 and class 0 of flame reaction.
  • Very reliable hot surface ignition.
  • Thermal efficiency 100%.