TC-DF series warm air heater for heating greenhouses

  • Year: 2014 / 2015
  • Series: TC-DF
  • Total Power: 6.300 kW
  • Heating of industrial multitunnel greenhouses for intensive tomatoes cultivation with hydroponic technique. 
  • Heating with natural gas and diesel oil.
  • Reduced consumption and low installation costs
Plant solution
  • 12 condensing warm air heaters TC-DF series.
  • Two-stages dual burners working with natural gas and diesel oil.
  • Air distribution and air diffusion system with perforated polyethylene sleeves placed along the rows of the plants.
  • Configuration for remote control management.
  • High reliability thanks to the dual-fuel burners.
  • Whole system costs considerably reduced compared to solutions with centralized hot water boiler.
  • Heat spread from the ground, widespread with uniformity.
  • Low thermal inertia, working by different zones.
  • Designed pattern of the sleeves holes for the ideal heat distribution.