Poultry Farm

TC poultry warm air heater in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
  • Year: 2014
  • Series: TC
  • Total Power: 26.000 kW
  • Heating of poultry farms with diesel oil heaters.
  • Indirect system with heat exchanger.
  • Clean hot air free from combustion fumes.
  • Outdoor unit.
  • Reduced maintenance.
Plant solution
  • 90 warm air heaters with diesel oil burner TC series.
  • Two-stage burner.
  • Average efficiency > 92%.
  • Exclusive project by Tecnoclima of the air distribution and air diffusion system.
  • No use of internal space into the farm.
  • Maximum safety thanks to the outdoor installation.
  • Each farm has got just a single unit to maintain.
  • Ideal uniformity of temperature and air diffusion in the farm.
  • No consumption of oxygen into the farm and higher animal wellbeing.