TCO warm air heater for drying hops

  • Year: 2017
  • Series: TCO
  • Total Power: 2.000 kW 
  • Hops drying process with 100% external air with aspiration at 5°C.
  • Uniform delivery temperature at 70°C.
  • Air flow rate: up to 90000 Nm3/h in aspiration with useful static pressure of 1300 Pa.
Plant solution
  • One horizontal air heating unit TCO 2000 specially designed for this application.
  • Two different operating regimes at 81000 m3/h and 90000 m3/h.
  • Utilization of plug fan to achieve high useful static pressure without need for transmission.
  • Clean hot air at excessive flow rate.
  • High efficiency modulating ventilation unit with very high static pressure.
  • Highly efficient condensing heat exchanger with efficiency of 92%.