Warming system in Corpus Domini Church

Piacenza - Italy
  • Year: 2016
  • Series: NTN/V
  • Total Power: 520 kW
  • Replacement of the old, extremely noisy air heater
  • Elimination of disturbing draughts
  • Need for a heating system using water produced by the municipal district heating system
  • Increased comfort and well-being of worshippers
Plant solution
  • Higher performance thermo-ventilation unit with hot water coil
  • Modification of air distribution and diffusion system
  • Insertion of a silencer and a new, larger nozzle
  • Large fan at low speed
  • Continuous regulation of heat output via modulating three-way valve
  • Variable air flow rate via inverter
  • Supply temperature controlled and limited to +41°C
  • New efficient system with quiet operation
  • Energy saving due to optimised thermal regulation
  • Uniform temperature throughout the room
  • Heating quickly and only when needed